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"Thomazi is a true club veteran from Bergen. He has long been a key player in the city's electronic music and club environment.


Thomazi gives you a preferentially led mix of deep house, tech house and techno".

- Klubb KOK Norway. Bergent

DJ Thomazi was born and raised in Bergen/Norway, where his interests in music and DJ’ing first began. At the early age of 12, Thomas purchased his first mixer and double CD-player and began mixing and playing at local parties and events. At 16yrs old, he had locked down his first job at a local night club in the city of Bergen and by 18yrs old, he was already warming up for the renowned Norwegian trance DJ and producer Lars Holte. Thomas began spinning vinyl and that same year, he expanded his mixing collection by purchasing the illustrious ‘Technics’ turn-tables; by the end of 2001, Thomas’s music had started to explore further into the sounds of House Music. Some of the top DJ’s Thomas classes as his front-runners in the game are Danny Howells, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Erick Morillo, Sasha & Deep Dish to name a few. The city of Bergen offers a wide and diverse selection of nightclubs/venues and during Thomas’s years of playing, he has appeared at the following clubs in the city: Feliz, Mood, Contra, Lille OleBull, Kosmo, Metro, Roof Garden, Klar Bar, Sjoko and Café Clue – to name a few. His career in music has also taken him further afield to Oslo, L.A, Singapore, Surabaya (Indonesia) and even Bali - expanding his recognition internationally. In the last year, Thomas became the Club Promotor for KONO16, the best club night/event for broad and extensive sounds amongst the underground scene in Bergen with his own music/mixes for-fronting the huge influences in the club culture in Bergen. Thomas is hoping that his career will continue moving forward, with a monthly residency at the club Dwell in Bergen lined up whilst continuing to produce his own music. With the aid of Pro/Abelton on his Mac Book Pro combined with his raw talent and vast knowledge of the industry, it´s just a matter of time before we start universally recognising the sounds of DJ Thomazi.

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